From her first reading of the script, Jennifer Garner knew this was a film she wanted to be involved with. She was taken not only by the storytelling, but also by the characters of Cindy and Jim Green who wish themselves a boy at a time when they thought all bets were off on having a child. “This is the most relatable film I have ever worked on,” says Garner, “because I am a parent, but also because I am a sister, a daughter, a child.”

Q&A With Jennifer Garner

Now you are invited to a special online Q&A with actress Jennifer Garner for Disney’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green. Register for the free event at and on August 14 at 2:45 PM EST, watch an online sneak peek followed by an interactive Q&A with Jennifer Garner joining live via webcam to answer audience questions. See more details here at . Check out instructions below to take part: