disney608-0281And so with that fine motivational quote, I return to my blog yet again after a month plus of neglecting it. Here was my problem: I was waiting and waiting for something “interesting” to happen that I would be motivated to write about. I thought about all the *potential* audience members out there and wanted to make sure I entertained them all with my witty outlook and commentary on life. The thing with that is, you spend so much time waiting for the perfect topic that will appeal to everyone, that you end up forgetting the cardinal rule in writing: “Write what you know”. So I decided to deny my knowledge and love no more, and write what I know – Disney.

I came to this decision after somehow stumbling upon a Disneyphile on Twitter…and in turn discovering a whole brier patch full of more Disney fans, all tweeting and blogging and chatting and creating radio shows and videos all about the Disney we knew and loved. Of course I went through the ‘well if there are already 500 people doing this (actually 1000’s is more like it) why should I bother? But I kept returning to that one line: “Write what you know”…and I somehow knew this was the right thing to do.

Now not everything I write will be about Disney…but I will no longer be afraid to share my thoughts and memories and love of that place for fear of alienating anyone reading this. I will also write about other things that interest me that I want to pass along, and hope my worry about appealing to the masses has passed.

Another reason I’ve been avoiding writing is my addiction to Twitter and Facebook. It is so much easier to type in cute little 140 character updates than taking the time (which with a 7 month old tottering around everywhere is at a premium) to write out an entire blog. I kept having these great blog entry ideas in the shower – entire entries, not just topics…and was all set to write them, until I actually got back downstairs and the real world took over and it was the easiest thing to put off. However, today was the day, I decided. To start over, both here and in my life at home, and work toward accomplishing the goals I set for myself. So here I am!

You might see some more Disney-related items as I hopefully get some people interested in sharing their blogs and sites here as well…and I’m also going to be implementing some other fun things here. So stay tuned!

Is everybody neat and pretty? Then on with the show!