First, thank you so much for your patience with this contest – I knew I’d be out of town (in Walt Disney World!) for 5 days (along with quite a few of my readers too!) and wouldn’t get to post the entries I’d received. Now let’s get right to those entries and voting!

Voting will be counted by number of comments for each entry. Only one vote per email address please. Voting will start now and end on Thursday, October 7 at midnight. Voting has ended. The winner will be announced on this entry on Friday, October 8. The winner will then need to let me know which color wristlet they’d like and I’ll head to WDW and pick it up! Thank you to all who participated!

Congratulations to entry #2 from M. Turner for garnering the most votes. I think she got half the internet to vote for her! 😉 If you could contact me and let me know which wristlet you’d prefer (up to $49 in value) I’ll pick it up on our next visit to the parks. Congrats again!

There was some concern about votes since so many came in for one # at one time – but what you cannot see on this end of the post is the email and IP address attached to each comment, which appears in the email I receive with each comment. I do realize that this method of voting was perhaps a bit frustrating and will be working on a new way to vote for any future contests on ZannaLand – I had no idea how passionate you guys could be for a Disney Dooney! Because she came in second place and I personally loved her picture with Buzz and Woody fighting over the Dooney – I’m going to be sending the owner of entry #13 a $25 Disney Gift Card as well, so please let me know where to send that card. Congrats!

Thank you again to all who participated – I loved seeing the creativity here! I look forward to future giveaways here on ZannaLand.


Vote for the # you think should win in a comment below! Feel free to spread the word to vote to your friends or share on twitter and facebook!