Baby Steps…

Last week around this time, our little 11 month old Baby G, took his first steps. He took a good 4-5 steps from the coffee table to the couch, two different times. “Oh, I can’t wait to capture this on video!” I thought. Well, I’ve been waiting and waiting and the little guy has not done a repeat performance since then. He’s walked about 2 steps quite a few times, but it’s as if he forgot he could already to it, and keeps squatting back down to crawl. Oh well, as a friend on twitter noted, “Maybe that’s where they get the phrase ‘baby steps’ from!”

Baby G in June of this year

Baby G in June of this year

I honestly think he didn’t realize he was doing it to begin with, so he isn’t trying to do something he forgot he already did! I’m not worried of course. Our first son (now 10) walked 2 weeks before his 1st birthday, and our daughter (now 9) walked at 13 months. So while he was technically the early bird, it’s okay if he takes some time to do it full-time. With the amount of trouble he gets into NOT walking, I’m totally fine with him waiting a bit!

He’s been pulling up to stand and cruising around for months now and he can crawl at bionic speed. His first birthday is less than a month away and I cannot believe how the time has flown. As the lucky witness to a lifetime of ‘firsts’ for 3 different amazing little humans, I’m savoring each second and not rushing a bit. Whenever you’re ready, Baby G…just let me get the video camera ready this time.

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