Cupid Duffy Flies into Disney for Valentine’s Day

In keeping with Disney’s promise to have a Duffy for every season, Valentine’s Day Duffy is out and I must say, with his little fluffy wings, he’s quite adorable! The costumed Duffy’s are $25 and a little smaller than the regular sized Duffy. The costumes are attached and do not come off. You could probably put the separate costumes on top of the attached costumes, but since they are made for slightly larger bears, they will be a little big.

Duffy Valentine's Day bears

The wings and arrows of outrageous Duffy! (apologies to Wm. Shakespeare)

Duffy is also all decked out in his 2011 fleece hoodie, also $25. If Duffy’s not your thing, there are several classic Disney characters also available in 2011 attire now at Disney Parks. Happy New Year!

2011 Duffy Bear

Duffy in his 2011 outfit - Mickey & other characters available too!

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