Duffy the Disney Bear to Have a Costume for Each World Showcase Country

We’re going to dive right in with something reader Shelley C. discovered today about none other than Duffy the Disney Bear. As you may recall, Duffy will be appearing to passholders this Saturday in a special presentation welcoming him to Epcot. Many people wondered if Duffy would appear park-wide, in addition to the question of whether the existing “Disney Bear” that once appeared at Walt Disney World was still available. Shelley answers those questions for us here —

Duffy the Disney BearAfter seeing a picture of Duffy Bear taking up residence in the Emporium on Main Street on Twitter,  I decided to head on down and check it out! When I got there, I found it quite curious that there were no Duffy or Disney Bears on the shelves. However, I had also noticed that over the past week the Disney Bears that were once available at Once Upon a Toy and World of Disney had vanished. I asked around, and found out a little more information about our Tokyo Disney Seas import.

According to a management cast member on Main Street, USA, Duffy is going to be primarily based in EPCOT, but have ties to the Disney Cruise Line. He will have outfits that represent each country of World Showcase, some everyday outfits (rain coats and such like Pal Mickey had), the sailor suit that he is seen sporting in most of the Annual Passholder emails, and a Disney Cruise Line uniform. They were vague about Duffy having his own “store” in EPCOT, but said that he would definitely be “around”.  However, don’t get your hopes up to Shellie Mae anytime soon (Super Boo on this part).

We’ll have to wait until Saturday for more information, but a resort wide launch is planned for around October 14, 2010. Stay tuned…

~Shelley C.

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