Hail to the Obamatron!

What better item to review this week than the *all new* Hall of Presidents attraction at Walt Disney World – now with added Obamatron!

There was a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder preview on Sunday, June 28th, so we decided to drive over and check it out. The last time we’d seen this show was in November of 2007, when Maya Angelou was still narrating, and the movie/history leading up to the Presidential roll call was quite, quite long. However, I had hope that this NEW Hall of Presidents would be great.

I was right. First, before entering the theatre, there were some historical items in the lobby area. First Ladies’ dresses, W’s boots, interesting things to pass the time. Our wait wasn’t too long though and soon we were seated inside.

We instantly recognized the narrator as Morgan Freeman, who seems to have replaced James Earl Jones as the most awe-inspiring orator out there right now. I love his voice. He told the story of the Presidents from the point of view of them being ‘ordinary men’ highlighting Washington’s choice to step down after two terms, Andrew Jackson’s run as the first non-aristocratic nominee, the two Roosevelt’s and Kennedy’s connection to the people, and finally Obama’s historic win.

The Lincoln audioanimatronic also came out in the middle of the film sequence, stood up and read his entire Gettysburg address, and soon it was time for the remaining Presidents to appear. They each nodded when the spotlight hit them, as usual.

Next, Barrack Hussein Obama announced himself and recited his Oath of Office. He also made a speech about the American spirit that lives within all of us. Quite moving. The whole attraction leaves you uplifted and renewed with patriotism, something I can honestly say I did not feel the last time we attended the attraction.

If you are a Disney fan and will be visiting The World soon, I highly encourage a visit to this sometimes overlooked attraction. You’ll be glad you did!

(image courtesy of wdwmagic.com)

So there you go. More reviews to come. If there is a product, service, film, book, or anything you’d like me to review here, please just drop me a line.

  • Susan Kolkka

    I just wanted to wish you luck with the mom's panel- I found your website while waiting to hear if i had made it (I didn't) and was grateful for all of your updates leading up to the second round. While I am obviously dissapointed in not making it I have realized after reading your web page that you BELONG on that panel! It makes me happy knowing that a true Disney fan will hopefully be answering my questions next year! GOOD LUCK!

  • Thank you so much – that really means a lot to me and I appreciate your
    comments!! I'm sorry you didn't make it, good luck next year!!

  • Thank you so much – that really means a lot to me and I appreciate your
    comments!! I'm sorry you didn't make it, good luck next year!!