NEW! Tokidoki Meets Marvel T-Shirts at Walt Disney World

While visiting Downtown Disney’s West Side last night, of course I had to stop in to D-Street, my favorite spot for fun merchandise. I was so excited when I spotted these new shirts from Tokidoki, featuring Marvel characters. I love Tokidoki, the Japanese inspired brand from Italian designer Simone Legno and his partners and have been known to covet their branded items from Sephora. I couldn’t think of a cuter collaboration to expand the Marvel line to those who may not otherwise be interested. For instance, my almost-11-year-old daughter instantly wanted the Incredible Hulk shirt and she has pretty much no interest in comic book characters. I may have to pick one or two up myself! Check them out below: (click to enlarge)

Tokidoki Marvel Spiderman



Tokidoki Marvel Captain America

Captain America


Tokidoki Marvel Incredible Hulk

This is the Incredible Hulk shirt my daughter wanted. He's so cute with Cactus Pup!


Tokidoki Marvel Incredible Hulk

You might actually like him when he's angry...


Tokidoki Marvel Iron Man

Captain Coco and Coco Bella hang around with Iron Man. Can't stand the cute!


Tokidoki Marvel Wolverine

Ciao Ciao finds out Wolverine comes in handy at a cookout!


Each shirt is $28. I hope this is the first of many new designs we see. {There are actually quite a few on sale at Tokidoki‘s site!} Which is your favorite?

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