Grand Floridian Easter Eggs 2015I was scrolling through instagram and saw a photo in my feed of the penguin statue in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Villas (it just happened to be the fabulous @rbrent from the Disney Parks Blog!). I was about to double tap to like the picture (who doesn’t love penguins?), when I kept reading and saw that it said “(ps, this is made of chocolate!)” and I stopped and went “huh?” and re-looked at the photo. It was then that I noticed the giant bird cage in the background and said to myself, “oh! that’s the regular Grand Floridian lobby!” What I was seeing was one of the jaw-dropping creations made by Disney chefs for Easter on display around the main lobby. This is the fourth year that the Grand Floridian is showcasing these edible Easter egg works of art, and it’s hard to pick just one favorite. I headed over last night for a late dinner at the Polynesian to see the construction updates over there, and ended up at the Grand Floridian to see all the eggs first hand. I only wish I could also share the intoxicating chocolate scent that swirled around the displays. Heavenly.

Grand Floridian Easter Eggs 2015The egg creations are placed in six different spots around the perimeter of the main lobby, with a few of them being accessible from all sides. Three of the displays are a bit hard to view from the back, but if you are visiting, do try to see them all, because many have incredible details on all sides. I’m not sure if perhaps they’ll rotate some of the eggs to give all of them a chance at being seen in full, but I’ve tried to capture them all here for you anyway, in case you can’t make it down in person. They definitely put me in the mood for Easter and Spring (and in the mood to see a few favorite Disney movies). Be sure to click on any image to see it larger – and let me know in the comments which one is your favorite (or favorites if you can’t decide like me!). The Easter Egg display will be up until April 10, 2015. Happy Spring to all – and thanks to the incredible bakers and pastry chefs at Disney for sharing their hard work with everyone.


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