Downtown Disney Marketplace Starbucks
Downtown Disney Marketplace Starbucks

Today marked one of the first completed changes to the Downtown Disney Marketplace area, soon to be renamed Disney Springs, with this area being called The Landing. The Starbucks kiosk nested between the doors outside of World of Disney opened for business today. Cherry Tree Lane and Centerpiece are set to open inside the Marketplace Co-Op shops on June 6 and the more grand, flagship Starbucks store will open on the West Side on May 30.

Below are some photos of the newest Starbucks location on property. Unlike the Starbucks within the theme parks, this is a completely independent location and does not feature Disney decorated cups or any Disney bakery items. No annual pass or cast discounts available on drinks, but cast members are supposed to be able to get merchandise discounts. Stars may be earned using your registered Starbucks cards as well as redeemed, which is nice since the parks locations are unable to redeem rewards. Prices seem to be a bit steep compared to non-tourist location local Starbucks, but I guess that’s to be expected. Personally, I’m excited to have another “local” Starbucks to choose from, even if parking for this one may be a bit dicey for a while! (Click to enlarge photos – slideshow best viewed on a desktop)

The West Side Starbucks location will be a flagship design, similar to the one recently opened in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. That location is gorgeous, so I’m even more excited to see ours open on May 30. The West Side Starbucks will feature 150 seats, which includes indoor and outdoor seating, It will be open from 9am to midnight, which is also a Godsend when you need a coffee late at night – that’s not just me, right?! This location will feature the regular Starbucks menu items both food and beverages, as well as the second and third Clover machines in the area  (a Winter Park location has one). The Clover machine coffee will feature a separate register and ordering area.

Currently, 40 Starbucks locations within the US are serving alcohol, and while the West Side store will not open with this option, they are going to begin testing this service in Orlando. If they do start serving beer and wine here, it will be after 4pm.

What do you think? I’m always excited for a new Starbucks, but the West Side location makes me very happy. Part of the fun of Starbucks is being able to relax and enjoy your drink, usually with a view, and maybe even get some work done too. I look forward to having a mobile office location there soon.