The Walt Disney World chefs never disappoint when it comes to edible holiday decor. The Grand Floridian takes the cake (or egg) with edible art showpieces, from life-sized gingerbread houses to giant Easter egg displays, they have become a tradition at Walt Disney World Resort, and this year is no exception. This may be the most eggs yet!

This year, the Grand Floridian added a new feature, a shop at the former Bell Services counter, where you can buy Easter treats from chocolates to traditional hot cross buns. Scroll down to see the themes for 2019’s display – some old favorites, some new – can you name the inspiration for each one? (click to enlarge)

The eggs above greet you as you enter the Grand Floridian, but they are not the only ones you’ll find. Be sure to stroll around the entire lobby, even wandering into the Grand Floridian Cafe to see another egg on display!

Do you recognize past eggs? Here’s a brand new one, one of two eggs to celebrate the new Dumbo movie.

Lastly, here is the new shop set up to sell Easter goodies:

Will you be able to visit this majestic display? Which egg is your favorite? It’s hard to pick just one isn’t it? There are so many amazing works of art!

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