On the last Disney Dooney & Bourke Balloon Design post, I mentioned there was another style – a blue denim background with writing on it – the Erica style of Dooney & Bourke’s fabric line. Thanks in part to Tonya2426 on the DIS Boards, I am able to share some more pictures with you.

EDIT: I have now been to Tren-D again and seen these new designs in person so I have a bit more to add. I tried to capture this on the picture below, but the writing on these new bags is actually raised up and has a velveteen flocked feel. I didn’t realize that in all the other pictures, so I wanted to pass that information along to those making their lists and checking them twice with these new styles that keep coming out! 🙂

Disney Dooney and Bourke Peace Love Mickey Minnie bag
I love Tren-D for taking pictures! Always great lighting. 😉
Erica in Turquoise image from ebay
Erica in pinkish/red - image courtesy of Tonya2426
Disney Erica Dooney & Bourke styles - image courtesy of Tonya2426
The Erica style sells for $150 - image courtesy of Tonya2426

This style is definitely more subtly “Disney” while being graphically trendy. I’m not a big denim person, but I can see how this would appeal to lots of teens and those that want to show their Disney love without big Mickeys everywhere. What do you think of the new style?

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