What better way to show some love than with your favorite Disney characters, right? Now you can create a valentine on Disney.com/Create with the new Minnie Mouse Digital Painter on Disney.com.  You and your family can use stamps to create your own pictures of Minnie and the gang, or draw a unique piece of art using whimsical Valentine-themed pens and fun backgrounds.

Disney.com Valentines
Click to head to Disney.com/Create and make your own masterpiece!

After creating valentines on Disney.com’s Create, you can get even more Minnie Mouse fun at Disney Family.com with cute Valentine’s Day printables for kids and parents to make together. Check out the Mickey & Minnie Cutie Valentine’s Candy Boxes for a unique gift or the Mickey & Minnie Valentine’s Day Flowers to decorate the house with. For more Valentine’s Day fun, check out Disney Family.com.

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥