Last week while exploring the merchandise area outside of Soarin’ (aka the Green Thumb Emporium – thanks to @mousemisers for that name that slipped my mind), a bright orange kid’s shirt caught my eye. I picked it up and realized it had a big “Scratch ‘n Sniff” sticker on it. “GENIUS!” I thought. I scratched and sniffed and got a whiff of orange just like in the Soarin’ attraction (without the wait!).The shirt features Mickey and Minnie hang gliding over an orange grove with hot air balloons in the background.

Behind the orange-scented shirt was an army green colored shirt with a pine forest and Mickey and Minnie hang gliding over rapids. This shirt was supposed to be pine-scented, however, to me it smelled a bit like men’s deodorant. {But really, we’ve all been behind guests in a Disney park where we wished they had a deodorant-scented shirt, right? 😉 } The point is, this is a great and logical pairing of ‘t-shirt technology’ and I was really excited to see (and smell) them!

The orange grove shirt comes only in kid sizes at $24.95 while the pine forest comes in adult sizes at $30.95. Be sure to check them out the next time you visit The Land at Epcot!

scented soarin shirts in epcot
Thanks to my kids for helping me capture these pics! Sorry the lighting is not the best - I could've moved but didn't want cast members to think I was mouse-lifting! 😉