SeaWorld SpooktacularPumpkin carving, jumping in raked leave piles, and.. SeaWorld? This marine life theme park may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Fall but SeaWorld has a unique offering for the spooky season. SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, celebrated weekends in October, is an added experience to a regular price park ticket with trick-or-treating, sea characters and bubbles. Lots of bubbles.
Spooktacular feels geared toward the wee ones but my boyfriend and I thought it was a cute addition to a day at SeaWorld. We did a little trick-or-treating ourselves and I really loved the plethora of bubbles that filled the park. It was the most bubbles I’ve seen at once and I told my boyfriend I wouldn’t be surprised if a million bubbles were made and popped there in a day. They are in multiple places around the park and in full swing with lots of machines sending waves of bubbles in and over guests.
Now for the characters. I’d say SeaWorld is mostly known for Shamu. However I was really impressed at the amount of aquatic and Halloween character meet and greets that were around for Spooktacular. Princesses, mermaids, witches, fish and more, all in brightly colored, elaborate costumes with high energy interaction. Every character area I saw was more than just ‘wait in line and take a photo’. For example, the witches and their tiny audience members ‘baked up a Halloween tweet recipe’ in a small area that looked like a kitchen with a cauldron actually brewing. Kids seemed to really enjoy playing a long.
Nicole Siscaretti at SeaWorld Spooktacular
There are also uniquely themed Halloween decorations, featuring the ever adorable pumpkin fish, and lots of interactive experiences for kids. One that grabbed our attention was a button board that squirted fountains in a lake when you pushed different buttons.
SeaWorld Spooktacular
This is all in addition to all the attractions, shows and experiences SeaWorld offers regularly. One that really took our breath away was the Blue Horizons show featuring dolphins, divers and aerialists. We also really enjoyed the excellent of the 3D in Turtle Trek. To see more from SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular, watch this video:

SeaWorld’s Halloween Spooktacular takes place weekends in October: 5-6, 12-13, 19-20 and 26-27, from 12 to 8 p.m., leaving the littlest of trick-or-treaters wide-eyed for all of the fun-filled activities. Halloween Spooktacular is included with park admission.

Spooktacular Highlights Include:

NEW this year: Spooktacular Dance Party

Princess Penelope and her undersea friends invite guests to join the Spooktacular Dance Party, where children can dance along to a Spooktacular mix of line-dancing favorites as clouds of bubbles fill the evening air. The party will kick off at the front of the park every event night an hour before SeaWorld’s park closing time.

Waves of Trick-or-Treat Fun

Offering more than two million pieces of sweet treats, costumed youngsters can trick-or-treat “under the sea.” Each trick-or-treat station features an assortment of ghoulish goodies including Tootsie Roll, Jelly Belly jelly beans, Airheads and other candy favorites.

Blue Horizons SeaWorld

Penelope’s Party Zone

Located at SeaWorld’s Bayside area, this dynamic underwater environment comes to life each day with a live DJ, a variety of interactive crafts to choose from, countless bubbles floating overhead and colorful pumpkin fish gliding around!

Sweet Treat Decorating

Kids and parents alike can have a “splash” creating their own sweet treats at the cookie decorating station. Kids will be able to decorate and devour their spooky cookie when they purchase a kit that comes equipped with a cookie, frosting and toppings.

Jelly Belly® Bean Art to Come to Life at Spooktacular

Jelly Belly artist in residence, Kristen Cumings, will use more than 10,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans to create a portrait of rockhopper

penguins, reflecting SeaWorld’s all-new, Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. Guests can watch as this handmade jelly bean creation comes together in front of their eyes during the final weekend of Halloween Spooktacular, Oct. 26 and 27. Kids can join in the fun too, with the opportunity to decorate a Halloween Spooktacular mural with a variety of Jelly Belly jelly beans.

For More SeaWorld Halloween Fun:

Count von Count’s Spooktacular Breakfast

1-2-3… Dine with me! Don’t walk around on an empty stomach, stay 1 step ahead of hunger! What goes great with your 2 morning eggs? How about infinite hugs from Count von Count, Elmo and his furry friends! Featuring a delicious buffet sprinkled with the hottest characters  in town, the Count’s Spooktacular Breakfast is a fun-filled experience sure to delight kids and parents alike. You can “count” on it! Adults $24, Child (2-9) $14.


Disclaimer: was provided with free tickets to SeaWorld to experience Spooktacular, but Nicole’s opinions are her own.