There is something to be said for Disney, and that is that there is something for everyone, from film genres to theme park experiences. Even within a single park theater buffs can find an enjoyable show, while those who detest such theatrics can find an incredible rollercoaster. Expand that idea outward into Disney’s other enterprises, and animation lovers have a wide berth of movies to choose from, whereas macho men have sporting news and events 24/7 on ESPN. Mix in a variety of merchandise for each avenue of entertainment, and there is indeed something centered around any given interest for individuals to collect.

Take me for example. My love affairs with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Expedition Everest, Disneynature, Frontierland, EPCOT Center, Zorro, Davy Crockett, etc. have all been well documented. Two other films I have long fancied have not been as readily recorded, not because I am ashamed of them, but merely because there is so little to really be gathered on the topics. I am of course speaking of The Rocketeer and Dick Tracy. It is treasures from these movies that really set my heart soaring while I scramble for my checkbook.

If there is a single item related to Dick Tracy that I have continually sought after it is a collection of Crimestopper game pieces tied to the 1990 release. The two stage scratch-offs were from McDonald’s and included a multiple choice scene and a mug shot.

Crimestoppers Part I (1990)In the multiple choice section, a painted backdrop is used to highlight a scene in which the customer, aka detective, is given an assignment, including finding the location of a robbery, a gangster cheating at cards, or the hiding place of key evidence. Three of the five rub off spots were GAME OVER boxes, while one led to a successful mission and prizes such as free food and drinks, coupons, and cash prizes. The remaining spot was always a tip to the winning location. This often took the form of telling customers which box (A, B, C, D, or E) to scratch, but in the best of cards it was a clue, for example to try the tallest gangster or search near the telephone. This game play made me love these pieces as a kid, and I was drawn to McDonald’s as often as I could convince my parents to drive me there.

The second stage of the game, detachable from the colorful movie scene, featured the name and mug shot of a wanted mobster. Throughout the contest, near mug shots would appear on a most wanted board at participating restaurants. Match a mug shot to your game piece and collect your rewards, up to $1,000,000!

Crimestoppers Part II (1990)


After years of sifting through the evidence, I now have a completed set, well of the scenes at least, with several extras I’ve been able to scratch off. For those of you who enjoy all things tied to the yellow clad detective, I present a full set of scenes and assignments for you to enjoy!

Crimestoppers 01 (1990)The Scene: A burglary is in progress.
Your Assignment: Help Dick Tracy find the thief’s location.


Crimestoppers 02 (1990)The Scene: Dick Tracy is chasing The Kid who stole an old man’s watch.
Your Assignment: Find where The Kid threw the stolen watch.


Crimestoppers 03 (1990)The Scene: Tess Trueheart is being followed.
Your Assignment: Find the mobster following her.


Crimestoppers 04 (1990)The Scene: The mobsters are at Club Ritz.
Your Assignment: Find the mobster passing counterfeit money.


Crimestoppers 05 (1990)The Scene: Someone is going through Dick Tracy’s desk.
Your Assignment: Find the evidence that identifies the intruder.


Crimestoppers 06 (1990)The Scene: The police line-up.
Your Assignment: Pick out the bank robber.


Crimestoppers 07 (1990)The Scene: The jewel thief is hiding from the police.
Your Assignment: Find his hideout.


Crimestoppers 08 (1990)The Scene: A bank robber is escaping in a car.
Your Assignment: Find his getaway car.


Crimestoppers 09 (1990)The Scene: The boiler is about to explode.
Your Assignment: Find Dick Tracy’s best escape route.


Crimestoppers 10 (1990)The Scene: The Mob is planning a robbery.
Your Assignment: Find who is masterminding the robbery.


Crimestoppers 11 (1990)The Scene: The Kid is running from The Brow.
Your Assignment: Find where the mobster is.


Crimestoppers 12 (1990)The Scene: The Mob’s Card Game.
Your Assignment: Find which mobster is cheating.