DFB GuideFaithful readers of ZannaLand will of course know of my love for AJ Wolfe and her Disney Food Blog. Her site is simply the place for up to date, in-depth information on Disney dining reviews, menus, news, photos and more. She has built up a loyal following, with good reason. The Disney Food Blog is committed to bringing Disney dining details to your screen and making sure they are the most accurate you can find. AJ has now combined her years of writing and researching into an easy to download 265-page e-book FULL of dining plans and reviews: The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining! The photos accompanying the pages will leave your mouth watering!

As AJ notes in the preface, “There’s no guidebook I’ve found that covers Disney World dining the way I’d like it to be covered. This e-Book has twice as much dining information and advice than any official Disney dining guidebook on the market. And, due to its digital format, it’s completely portable in the parks.” Since it downloads in a .pdf file, you can pop the book open on your smart phone, iPad or laptop and double check information on the go. That way you can also click directly on links or phone numbers and not have to write down a thing. Brilliant!

What’s included? Well, it would be impossible to list it all there is so much, but here’s a sample:

A 5-Step Guide to Stress-Free Dining to help you easily plan your Disney dining in one sitting. There is a section on budgeting, with average costs for counter and table service dining as well as beverages (alcoholic and non-) to help you prepare for costs, or consider the Disney Dining Plan.

A Dining With Kids section, which offers restaurant choices and unique menu suggestions for kids, so no one gets bored with chicken nuggets! Need to know which characters are in each character dining location? She’s got you covered. Tips for avoiding meltdowns? Yep! And if you’d like a kid-free night out, the guide shares what to expect at the Kids Clubs too.

Dining reviews, which are perfect when you have indecisive family members!! If that’s not enough, there are also sections on special celebrations, a comprehensive list of all lounges and bars, even sample dining itineraries. It really lives up to its promise to offer “steps for a stress-free, personalized plan!” And if by chance you are unhappy, there is a money-back guarantee!

Buy the Disney Food Blog Dining Guide

Not convinced? Check out some of the amazing reviews by top Disney authors and see some sample pages here.  If you’re a Disney veteran and wonder what this guide could offer you, AJ reminds us, “Even if you’ve been to Walt Disney World hundreds of times, the Imagineers, chefs, and cast members will always keep surprising you. You deserve to know what incredible dining opportunities and experiences are available to you, and new ones are being added all the time!”

If you’re ready for all the info now, you can purchase The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining by clicking here. The price is $18.95, which includes four downloads, that’s a great deal!

*Disclosure: I was given a complimentary copy of The Disney Food Blog Guide to Walt Disney World Dining, which did not influence my review one bit, it’s just that wonderful! In addition, the links contained in this review are affiliate links which means if you purchase the e-book after using these links, I will get a small commission. Win-win! 😉