Jim Henson with Bert
Jim Henson with Bert
It’s hard to believe Sesame Street is turning 40 today, but it’s true. This pioneering children’s television show has stood the test of time and continues to adapt and appeal to new children every year. In honor of today’s anniversary and inspired by my new blogging friend OhAmanda‘s Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I’d put together a list of my personal Top 10 Sesame Street Songs and Skits.

Each link below is a video from YouTube and will open in a new window so you can view them all at your leisure – Sesame Street’s birthday has slowed YouTube a bit with all the views.

10. R.E.M. – Furry Happy Monsters
9. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – African Alphabet Song
8. ladybug picnic
7. Martians Find a Phone – Kids, that item is a PHONE-shocking, I know! It had a cord and no buttons!! How did we survive?
6. Teeny Little Super Guy I remember looking in my cabinets and wishing he was there!
5. Herry & John John Count to 20 (LOVE John John!!)
4. Fly in my Soup! Waiter!!
3. Container of Milk, Loaf of Bread and a Stick of Butter I still say this every time I have to make a grocery list.
2. 1-12 Pinball Song I think this just sums up the 70’s.
1. Lowercase n This will always be my favorite.

While discussing my Top 10, my husband of course chimed in with his own picks and we soon had many more than 10, so I thought I’d add some of his favorites that weren’t in my list, as a bonus! I truly feel his favorites have shaped him has a person, since he’s sitting here laughing hysterically as he watches the videos.

5. Doin’ the Pigeon This was part of J’s courtship dance for me. 😉
4. Phone Booth Rock Again, kids – this is called a “phone booth” if you needed to call someone while not at home, you used this, and a DIME to make a phone call. Crazy.
3. Bert & Ernie Fishing Heeere fishy fishy!!
2. It Ain’t Bad to Get Mad This Goat is okay with his anger issues.
1. Kermit the Gorf He was laughing to the point of tears watching this, perhaps I shouldn’t be blogging that though…

Suffleupagus has always been my favorite
Suffleupagus has always been my favorite
Of course these videos are just the tip of the iceberg of 40 years of amazing songs, parodies and skits. The humor back in the 1970’s was hilarious and free spirited. Though political correctness has changed the focus a bit, there are still some great parodies out there even now – they just released a Sesame Street version of “Mad Men” which is pretty funny. Popular musicians and actors will also still continue to make appearances, making the show much more enjoyable for parents as well.

We left off a lot of the more popular favorites, “C is for Cookie”, “Rubber Duckie” etc. but I hope you’ll comment here and share your favorites so we can all remember this epic show together!