Disney Dooney and Bourke Cindy Sketch Design in NEW Colors and Styles!

Apparently I had missed this bit of news, but was quite excited to see these new designs thanks to my good friend Charles (who was nice enough to buy one for his lovely wife’s birthday!) You read the title right, the original “Cindy Sketch” print (without Minnie Mouse from the second edition of the print) is now out in new COLORS! The print is actually slightly re-worked, with the first edition Disney World/Disneyland banner, the Dooney & Bourke leather tag, less balloons, and no Minnie. Available in a letter carrier style and the wristlet – the designs come in hot pink, bright purple, sky blue, sun yellow, and grass green – the perfect accessory for summer!

Let’s just get right to the pictures, shall we? Don’t forget you can click to enlarge.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Sketch Color Letter Carrier
Tren-D's display of colored Sketch Letter Carriers - the strap is just snapped in there for display.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Blue Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney & Bourke Blue Sketch Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney and Bourke Purple Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney & Bourke Purple Sketch Letter Carrier
Disney dooney pink letter carrier
Disney Dooney & Bourke Pink Sketch Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney and Bourke Yellow Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney & Bourke Yellow Letter Carrier

^photo ©Cupcake2008

Disney Dooney and Bourke Green Letter Carrier
Disney Dooney & Bourke Green Letter Carrier - photo ©Cupcake2008
Disney Dooney and Bourke pink Sketch Letter Carrier
Another view of the pink Sketch Letter Carrier - photo ©Charles Aguillon
Disney Dooney and Bourke Pink Sketch Letter Carrier
Back of the pink Letter Carrier - photo ©Charles Aguillon
letter carrier price
Price of the Sketch Letter Carrier - $155 - photo ©Charles Aguillon

The wristlets are $49 and do have the pocket in the back like the 2nd edition Sketch series does.

Disney Dooney and Bourke Sketch color wristlets
Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch color wristlets - photo ©Cupcake2008
Disney Dooney Pink Wristlet
The Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Wristlet in pink
Disney Dooney and Bourke Blue wristlet
Disney Dooney and Bourke Blue Sketch Wristlet
Disney Dooney and Bourke green wristlet
Disney Dooney & Bourke Green Sketch Wristlet
Disney Dooney and Bourke yellow wristlet
Disney Dooney & Bourke yellow Sketch wristlet

I know I had to restrain myself from getting one in every color. 😉 What’s your favorite? What designs or colors would you like to see Disney and Dooney & Bourke come out with next?


Don’t forget to check DisneyStore.com for sales of select current released Disney Dooney & Bourke purses and Zannaland’s Disney Dooney & Bourke page with ALL handbag photos and info.

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  • meltdownfreedis

    I have the white wristlet. I get compliments all the time on it. It is perfect for the pool because it gets damp you can wipe it off, and it holds a phone, a few cards, and popsicle money just fine. It is big enough for an iPhone. I either take it solo or throw into the beach bag.

  • You kill me everytime you post these. Honestly. I stand there and fawn over them in the stores to the point that I'm sure my picture is hanging up in a Disney security office somewhere. And yet, I have resisted their allure, so far. But someday. SOMEDAY.

  • Leigh you crack me up! Just taking pics yesterday I was getting some
    funny looks so maybe we're both on a poster somewhere! 😉

    I know it's hard to commit knowing they keep bringing more and more out!

    Sent from my iPod

  • ooo i like these sketch ones much better than I liked the other designs! 🙂

  • Anna

    I kinda love the burgundy bag, but every time I look at these bags, I have to weigh “Hmmmm, cutie patootie handbag for me; food for the children?” I hear that legally, I'm only obligated to give them one meal per day, but I think the whining would get to me after a while….

  • Are you kidding me? We only have to give them ONE meal. I need some sort of
    reimbursement…imagine all the purses that could buy?! (and ear plugs –
    problem solved!)

  • TheAngelForever

    In love with the purple one. Wow, now I'm kind of glad that I didn't tell hubby to get me something when he went to Downtown Disney while I was stuck at the Polynesian with a sick kiddo. Hope that I get a chance to see them in person soon.

  • It is a great size, I love mine too. 😀

  • I love these too, the sketch is my favorite pattern. 🙂

  • Purple seems to be the most popular, I hope Disney is stocking up! 😉 I hope you get back down here too!

  • I NEED that letter carrier…ugh!

  • Shirley

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the purple! I was at Disney World, Magic Kingdom at the Watch/Jewelry store that carries the Dooney and Bourke (on Main Street USA) They were out of the PURPLE 🙁 It was too late to head over the Downtown Disney……hopefully they will have it in two weeks when I'm there again!

  • Aw, sorry Uptown Jewelers was out, but I'm sure the purple ones will still be there on the next visit! They are adorable! 😀

  • Mee tooo! (I originally sent a reply via email but I guess Disqus didn't send it thru! :P)

  • Tasha

    I would Love to see the new color sketch line in a a tote version! I am so getting a pink or purple wristlet in Sept tho..Altho the yellow is so pretty too!

  • I agree, I think the colors in larger sizes would be fabulous! 🙂

  • Latinrose5211

    Hi Zanna,
    I just found your website and I love it. Thanks for the updates. I have one question, where are these sketch letter carrier bags sold? Because I cannot find them on Disneystore.com. Please tell me where I can purchase one. Are they being sold at downtown Disney?

  • Hey there, thanks for visiting! You can find all of the purses (except for the new Princess designs) at Walt Disney World and yes, Downtown Disney too. The colored sketch designs pictured are in Tren-D in Downtown Disney, but some styles are available at World of Disney too.

    To see a list of all the merchandise locations selling the Disney Dooney & Bourke purses, check out my original post: http://zannaland.com/disney-dooney-bourke and scroll down to a store listing. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Latinrose5211

    Hi Zanna,
    Thank you for such a quick response. My daughter and I are planning to take a little trip to Downtown Disney in two weeks before she starts school, just to check these out. Thank you again for the information.

  • Kenzie

    Parents just called from DTD to confirm my Christmas present – purple letter carrier. I am BEYOND excited.. thank goodness Christmas is only a month away!

    • Fabulous!!! Merry early Christmas! 😉

  • Larrywords1

    how do u order

  • Serena Roa

    where can you get these colored wristlets? Love them!