NEW Disney Dooney & Bourke Stripes Designs!

Those tracking Disney Dooney & Bourke auctions on ebay spotted these new styles this week. Thanks once more to Shelley C. for capturing these photos for us at Downtown Disney’s TrenD shop. Let’s see the newest Disney Dooney designs – the Gwenny Large Tote, the Large Erica and Zippered Wristlets in black and white, and red white and blue. They are canvas with leather handles and accents.

Disney Dooney Stripes
Stripes Large Gwenny Tote in black and white - $185


Disney Dooney Stripes
Close-up of Gwenny Tote


Disney Dooney Stripes
Another close-up of the duck tag


Disney Dooney Stripes
Inside of Gwenny Tote


Disney Dooney Stripes Red
Disney Dooney & Bourke red stripe Large Erica bag - $150


Disney Dooney Stripes Red
Close up of red style - you can see the Mickey looks almost like denim.


Disney Dooney Stripes Red
Inside of the red Erica Stripe


Disney Dooney Stripes wristlets
Stripe zippered wristlets in red and black - $45


Disney Dooney Stripes Red
Here's how the new styles look in comparison to previous designs.


What do you guys think of this newest style? So far the impressions I’m seeing online is that they are a little hypnotic. Will you add these to your list, or pass?

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  • Amy

    They look much better in the close up shots than in the ones from back farther. Either way, I have this to say: You, Me, March, SHOPPING! 🙂

    • I fully support this plan. 🙂

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  • Laura

    I like the Erica style, and there is something about the black and white stripes that looks classic and pretty! I still need to get my Disneyland 55th Letter Carrier, these would be 2nd on my list though for an everyday style. 🙂

    • I actually just saw the black and white (and red and white too) styles
      yesterday in person and really liked it too. They look really nice and the
      inside is hot pink, which is awesome! 😀

  • Kenzie

    Mm, clearly I have been not keeping up with my ‘Zanna updates – my Twitter skills are failing. I love the black and white Gwenny tote.. trying not to get too attached.. 😉