Merchandise Update: Fun, Quirky, Retro T-Shirts at Disney Parks

Pinocchio t-shirt
Pinocchio t-shirt - not sure how I feel about this message, "It's not a lie if you believe it." Jiminy, help!

Here at Zannaland, I’ve loved tracking fun Disney Merchandise from the start. Whether it’s Disney Dooney & Bourke purses, Duffy the Disney Bear, Ear Hats, Minnie Ear Headbands, Disney antenna toppers, or unique t-shirt designs, I’ve loved sharing it all! I was recently at Downtown Disney West Side and Marketplace and realized it had been a while since I’d done a t-shirt update. I saw some fun shirts at D-Street and World of Disney and thought I’d share them here.

Some of these designs have been out for a while but I wanted to post them anyway as they showcase the really cool retro/vintage designs that have been sweeping twitter as of late. It’s been great to follow along the designers as their work shows up in the parks. While some shirts may appeal to a select group of Disney history buffs, thankfully, Disney is taking a chance on these cool designs that poke fun at their past or even present. Click to enlarge any photo:


Which shirts are your favorite?

  • TIx2GR

    Love the ladies style 1970s shirts! Can’t quite tell from the pictures… is the printing/logo fuzzy or screen-printed?

    •  the lettering is screen-printed, not fuzzy on those. 🙂

    •  To clarify, it’s almost like puffy-paint, but not fuzzy. 😀

  • I adore those retro-style t-shirts! I’m seriously hoping for something with est 1982 when we visit later this year. My husband has a really cool Epcot Center shirt that I picked up on eBay, although I wish I’d kept it for myself!

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  • Njforumrider18

    Love these shirts! is this from WDW or DL? I’m going to WDW in a couple of weeks and will probably be picking some of these up, esp the oswald and retro characters in park

    • Njforumrider18

       edit: Just realized the shirts that said Walt Disney World on them, DUH! but are these in Downtown Disney? or somewhere else within the parks?