While we all like to try our hand at drawing a Disney classic like Mickey Mouse or other favorite character, every now and then I stumble across some “fan art” which really elevates that moniker to a new level. This video is perhaps the greatest of all I have seen. I’ve been chatting back and forth with Morgan Ditta on twitter and seen her talk about doing live drawings on uStream but I hadn’t seen her work personally until last night. When I watched this video, I knew instantly I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Thankfully, Morgan gave me the okay to share it here with you folks, and hopefully you will in turn pass it along to even more people. She’s already gotten over 30,000 views on YouTube!

Morgan is a recent grad of Montclair State, with an Animation/Illustration major. She’s been obsessed with Disney for most of her life and has been influenced artistically by it for years. She is quite fond of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit because he has actually proven himself to be a ‘good luck’ charm for her on several occasions. Without further ado, please enjoy Oswald’s Story:


Wasn’t that beautiful? The music really imbues the story with emotion as well. If you liked this, leave Morgan a comment here, follow her on twitter at @SillyWhims and check out her online portfolio of work here. You can also follow along her spectacular senior project – Project D40, which showcases 6 parade floats and 28 costumes she created herself, to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 40th Anniversary. Simply stunning! Just as this video is a must-watch, so is Morgan Ditta. I cannot wait to see where the future takes her!