ZannalogoHello everyone! I just wanted to take a moment for some announcements about ZannaLand. First, you may have already noticed my new logo! A HUGE thanks to my talented husband for creating that cartoon version of me. The style is a nod to Mary Blair, with his own artistic spin on it of course. I love it and am so excited to have it up on the site! Thank you so much J!!

In other news, on the advice of a much-respected blogger whom I admire, I have re-combined the two blogs I had running. Rather than separate out Main Street for my personal stuff and keep only Disney content here, I’m just going to do both in one location. At first I did not want to alienate my Disney readers by posting my personal stuff and upcoming product reviews, etc. but I agreed with the thought that since ZannaLand is a personal site to begin with, I may as well keep it personal. I’ve also reorganized my blog categories, so if you are looking for particular content, it should be much easier to find now.

Thank you for your continued support and I hope you enjoy all the future adventures I’ll be sharing here.