When last we left our adventure through Tom Sawyer Island beyond the Rivers of America in Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland, we were about to cross this bridge to another part of the island…

Where will this bridge take us??

A sister map to the one at the island's entrance shows us where we are headed...

Close-up of the map - click to enlarge

The impressive suspension bridge leads us forward on our journey.

The first thing you notice across the bridge is the amazing view of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

The Liberty Belle passes by.

As we walk up the path, Fort Langhorn greets us. Originally named Fort Sam Clemens, the name was changed in the 90's to coincide with the release of the Disney film "Tom and Huck".

Looks like the Fort is unprotected...we may have to help!

One of the fort towers - as usual, it's all in the details.

View of Big Thunder from the top of the fort. There are rifles in these little windows which you can 'shoot' to defend the island.

The Blacksmith Shop.

View from atop the fort catwalk.

And the beautiful view from the opposite side of the fort.

Inside the Blacksmith, we see some clucking chickens!

Another friend keeps the chickens company in the stable.

Heading back from Fort Langhorn we get another unique perspective of the lands across the river.

I absolutely love this view of Liberty Square with Cinderella Castle in the background makes it look like an authentic little village.

The Barrel Bridge leads back to another part of the island. What will we find there?

I hope you enjoyed the continuation of the tour of Tom Sawyer Island! You’ll have to stay tuned to part 3 to see where we end up and what we find next…Thanks to Ryan P. Wilson of the Main St. Gazette again for the guided tour. More to come!