The past few weeks have been full of buzz and activity (watching activity that is) stemming from the launch of Disney’s streaming service – Disney+ (or Disney Plus). We first mentioned this new service back in episode 1, where we discussed the 10 year history of D23 Expo conventions. In the latest D23 Expo held this past August, the Disney+ presence was great, and there was even a special Expo promotion going on, to get 3 years of service for what amounted to slightly under $4/month. We signed up then, and anxiously awaited the launch date of November 12. Now that that day has come and gone, and we’ve been watching some old favorites and new original content, we thought we’d devote an episode to just exactly what makes us love (and not love) the Disney Plus service.

Disney Plus

Within this latest episode of Up the Waterfall, Scott and Zanna each go over their favorites and what they are most excited about being able to watch any time on Disney+. Additionally, they (ok mostly me, Zanna) go over some misses and what they think needs to change about the Disney Plus experience. Will you agree or disagree with our thoughts? Only one way to find out! You can download and listen anywhere you get your podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, and many more places. Or you can watch on, and SEE what we’re talking about as well. Our producer, Christian usually adds in a lot of fun visuals to illustrate what we are mentioning, and in this case, he’ll be showing a few clips as we discuss.

Disney Plus screen

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