In part one and part two of our Tom Sawyer Island pictorial review, we saw caves, mines, a fort and even a play area chock full of adventure. Today we conclude that adventure by visiting the final spots on the island.

When we left off, we were about to cross this barrel bridge to parts unknown, yes? As always, click to enlarge photos.

What will we find there?

view from Tom Sawyer Island
First, you get this nice view of Liberty Square

Pollys Tom Sawyer Island
Then we come upon a lovely little spot, Aunt Polly's...sadly, it does not seem to be open much at all anymore.

Polly's Tom Sawyer Island
Relaxing seating area with a view at Polly's

view from Tom Sawyer Island
Why look, it's the Liberty Belle again - really makes you feel like you are on the Mississippi.

Tom Sawyer Fence
Our friends left their mark on a fence as we make our way to Harper's Mill.

Haper's Mill
Harper's Mill is ours to explore...

Harper's Mill
Inside Harper's Mill we find some new little friends...

Harper's Mill
A little blue bird has made a happy nest in a very noisy mill!

Harper's Mill
...and an owl keeps him company.

To learn more about these little guys, head over to the Main St Gazette for the full story on how they pay homage to Disney’s 1937 short, The Old Mill. (It is listed there as being in Potter’s Mill but they actually reside in Harper’s Mill which Ryan realized when we saw them together-we bloggers have a lot of details going on in our brains you know! 😉 )

And that concludes our travels on Tom Sawyer Island. We have discovered many secrets along the way, some of which I’ve left out for you to explore and find on your own adventure. I will leave you with one last secret, perhaps the most well-known of its kind among Disney fans – the Tom Sawyer Island paint brushes! If you are among the first visitors to the Island in the morning, be on the hunt for some paint brushes that Tom and Huck may have left around. Pick one up and bring it to a cast member for a fun surprise. Here’s one a fellow Disney Mom found on her most recent trip to Tom Sawyer Island:

Tom Sawyer Island paintbrush
One of the elusive Tom Sawyer Island paint brushes! Will you find one?? photo courtesy of Kara B.

I hope you enjoyed our tour of Tom Sawyer Island. I know I loved my first-ever visit there and can’t wait to go back and search for paint brushes myself. Perhaps the best secret of the island is, as in most things, the journey itself. I had so much fun taking time out from the fast-pace theme park atmosphere to just talk, explore and discover. As if being rewarded for our time spent stopping to smell the roses, Ryan and I got a beautiful show on the raft back to Frontierland…

sky at walt disney world
We saw the strangest and most beautiful phenomenon in the hadn't been raining, those colors just appeared on their own.

Thanks for visiting, I’d love to hear your stories of Tom Sawyer Island too!