The much-rumored “Rapunzel Restrooms” finally opened to guests last Friday, and boy was it worth the wait. The area is so much more than “just bathrooms,” offering beautiful new vistas, seating areas, a fun scavenger hunt, and perhaps best of all – charging stations for cell phones! There are no signs at this time noting the charging stations hidden within tree trunks, but while I was there, several cast members came over to ensure we knew there were charging spots there.

On opening day, I decided to embark on my first-ever Ustream broadcast, and gave a little live tour of the the area in the daytime, returning for another live stream at night, which included Wishes nighttime fireworks show, as seen from that area of the park. I was really impressed with the amount of theming and detail provided to this area. It is officially my new favorite place to hang out in the park, which sounds weird because it is basically restrooms, but it’s more than that. It actually reminded me a bit of Disneyland, in that you could just sit and unwind while the world rushes by. There area lovely full-grown trees, a waterfall and a babbling brook, relaxing music, and lots of pretty things to look at. At dusk, the area takes on an enchanting glow as the lanterns are switched on and just gets more magical as the night goes on.

Here are the two broadcasts, if you’d like to take a tour of the area: Tangled area daytime tour and Tangled area nighttime tour. Please forgive the random chatter in the beginning as I was figuring out Ustream – I promise future broadcasts will not be quite so embarrassing (at least I’ll try to ensure that!).

In addition, here is a photo gallery highlighting all the details of the new Tangled area:



And here are the interior shots of the actual restrooms:


One of my favorite parts to this new section of New-ish Fantasyland, is a fun scavenger hunt where you find little Pascal the chameleon’s friends as they are hiding in the area. There are 10 in total and some of them are really good at camouflaging themselves! If you would like to be surprised and find them all on your own without seeing the photos first, scroll by this section!!



I was not able to find any hidden Mickeys, so if you’ve found any, I’d love to hear about them, or your thoughts on this new area, in the comments below!