tiki roomI was recently reading on twitter about someone riding Universe of Energy at Epcot. It caused me to stop and realize that it’s probably been about 10 years since I’ve ridden that ride. Then I wondered how many other rides I personally avoid or just don’t bother wanting to ride, and how many others had a list too.

Now, I may be a bit biased on some things, because as I’ve mentioned before (many times), I first fell in love with Walt Disney World when visiting EPCOT Center in 1983. So as a rainbows & unicorn-lovin’ girl of 8 or 9, there were some rides that just plain scared me. Universe of Energy was one of them. I rode it, but was always scared during the dinosaur parts and then bored during the 40 minutes of fossil fuel movies (was anyone *not* bored then? Sorry fossil fuels!). Same with Haunted Mansion and even Pirates of the Caribbean…there were times when I had to be dragged on those rides because I was easily scared (the hallway and graveyard scenes in Haunted Mansion and the skeletons in Pirates). I’ve since outgrown those fears, but I’m just not a fan of dinosaurs, unless they are dispensing frozen ice cream treats of course.

Other rides, I’d just never been on because I thought I’d get sick or something. I didn’t ride the Mad Tea Party until I was about 22. Space Mountain? My first time was on my 33rd birthday. Shocking, I know. I’d actually ridden Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster before that! I just visited Tom Sawyer Island for the first time this past April! I *still* haven’t been on Expedition Everest, DINOSAUR, or Mission: Space. Not sure I’ll ever go on DINOSAUR or Mission:Space‘s green team, but I do want to conquer Expedition Everest at some point!

Anyway, back to my original point. There are some attractions that we just tend to avoid for whatever reason. I realize this may be more pronounced with our family, since we are Florida residents and can visit the parks any day just by driving for an hour. Sometimes we just take things, or attractions for granted either for time issues or wanting to visit our favorites all the time.

So here is my list of Top 5 Avoided Attractions in my family:

  1. Universe of Energy As mentioned above, I just never liked this as a child and with two kids not particularly fond of dinosaurs, we just haven’t been back. I do want to bring them on again though, now that they’re older and will remember it, and let them decide for themselves.
  2. The Enchanted Tiki Room – Under New Management I actually sat through this recently with my family when visiting with some friends. I know it is a much maligned attraction, and I really think that is for a reason. I don’t like to speak ill of my favorite place on earth, but the ‘updated’ show was already dated when it re-opened and now even moreso. It was such a classic attraction, full of corny but timeless jokes. A lot of that original magic is just gone now and it’s almost embarrassing to sit through. Sorry Michael, Pierre, Fritz and José – I still love you guys!
  3. The Jungle Cruise I know I’m going to take some flak for this one! Apologies to die-hard fans of the backside of water…but I’ve just never been fan enough to make this a regular stop. This is another of those that I will go on again soon and let the big kids form their own opinions.
  4. Stitch’s Great Escape Another much maligned attraction. I remember disctinctly when Alien Encounter opened. I was petrified and actually did not go on the Cast Member preview like my then fiance and mom, also Cast Members did. I wanted to know exactly what happened before I’d go on. I don’t do horror movies or scary things at all so I was worried this would freak me out. Once I got the okay from them, it became one of our favorite attractions in Magic Kingdom. Now, I really don’t mind the Stitch redux of the ride…I think it’s great for kids that might’ve been too scared to go on Alien Encounter. But it is a little lacking in the show department. I miss Skippy and Tim Curry voicing S.I.R. The story made much more sense when it was Alien Encounter but I don’t think the Stitch tie-in is too terrible. Still, we tend to avoid it since it’s not ever something we are dying to see.
  5. rocketeer bulldog cafe
    Remember this?

    Studio Backlot Tour This is another case of something that used to be a favorite that we just tend to pass over now. This attraction was so exciting when it first opened – you could see in working wardrobe warehouses, studios and sound stages, along with the super fun Residential Street and Catastrophe Canyon. Over the years, this morphed into a dated, unused, “pretend” backstage area. When the Water Effects Tank and Production Tour (where my husband used to work!) was combined with the Backlot Tour, it made it difficult to bring small children on with the amount of standing and walking needed. We used to love this attraction but it’s changed so much and a lot of its charm and “backstage” excitement is gone. I’d love to see this ride completely redone with current special effects technology and a whole new backlot area.

Okay, I confessed my most-avoided attractions – now what are yours? Don’t worry, I’ll post a most-loved attractions post soon!