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Hunger Games movieMy son read The Hunger Games when it first came out, and each subsequent book in the trilogy. I remember him saying how much he loved them and that I should read them too, but it was one of those things I kept putting off. I’m always doing something online or just being a mom, so it’s hard to commit to carving out time to read a magazine, let alone three books. However, with The Hunger Games movie approaching, I knew I wanted to start and finish the books before its release. I started reading them on a Friday and was finished with all three by Monday. They were THAT good. If you have not yet read the books, [ The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay ] I implore you to do so. They are wonderfully written and will provide all the necessary back-story for the films as they are released. Of course reading the books before seeing the movie won’t be necessary, but will definitely endear the characters to you and build the excitement for the movies, as they did for me.

Now, I am as invested as I was with Harry Potter and his friends, but in a very different way. Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the Hunger Games Trilogy may suffer hardships as Harry Potter did, but the similarities end there. There are less characters to be introduced to as well as not worrying about drawn-out descriptions of countless places, history and spells. As a result, we are instantly drawn in with the characters we do meet, and the details we do receive about the various districts in the country of Panem are that much more powerful. We feel for her bravery, her sacrifice, and her ever-burning spark as “the girl on fire” throughout the books.

As a quick synopsis: The country of Panem is what remains of our mistreated earth after years of selfishness among its inhabitants and global changes. The country was divided into 13 Districts and there was an unsuccessful rebellion against the Capitol which controls them, resulting in District 13 being destroyed. As penance for its rebellion, the Capitol created The Hunger Games, where a boy and girl child, aged between 12 ad 18, are chosen each year to fight to the death with only one victor remaining. The Districts are known for what they can produce or offer the Capitol, such as electricity, agriculture, fishing, etc. and aside from those closest to the Capitol, most Districts live in extreme poverty and under a police state. I’ll let you discover the rest of the story on your own. I am quite excited to see The Hunger Games film with my son, and cannot wait for the remaining films to be made and released.

I thought I’d share the currently released movie trailers, as well as some official sites to check out, where you can discover your district and connect with other fans:




Here are some places to interact with The Hunger Games:

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Like The Hunger Games on Facebook as well as all 12 Districts.

Head over to TheCapitol.pn and find out what your District you are from, what your job assignment is and create your own District ID. And visit CapitolCouture.pn for the latest in fashion trends and news from the Capitol. There’s even a nail polish line from China Glaze inspired by Hunger Games:

China Glaze Capitol Colours

You can also now pre-order many items from The Hunger Games from HotTopic.com. Connect with @TheHungerGames on twitter and use the hashtag #HungerGames to see the latest news and discussion about the film.

This should get any Hunger Games fan started – and remember, “May the odds be EVER in your favor…” The Hunger Games opens in theatres and IMAX on March 23, 2012.