Mickey Edition Nintendo 3DS and Magic of Disney Game Out April 11

Disney Interactive and Nintendo will be launching Disney Magical World for the Nintendo 3DS on April 11 – basically Animal Crossing for Disney fans but here’s the official description:

In Disney Magical World, players pick from a selection of characters and can customize with Disney-themed outfits and accessories. The personalized character explores the world by managing a café, planting crops, and collecting Disney character cards in a new magical world. Favorite Disney characters also join in the fun to find missing items and solve problems.


Disney Magical World

Disney Magical World

To coincide and celebrate this release, Disney is also releasing a special “Mickey Edition” Nintendo 3DS XL, and it sure is pretty! Covered with golden Mickey heads, it will be released exclusively at WalMart, on the 11th. Look:


Disney 3DS
G Hannelius, currently starring in the Disney Channel sitcom Dog With A Blog , films a promo for the new Disney Magical World game with actor Cole Pendery. Photo courtesy Nintendo USA


Will any of you Disney Gamers be picking this up? Early Easter Bunny gift, perhaps?



  • Melissa McGuire

    I need to get this game for my son. My kids have been clamoring for it since I saw it endlessly on the Disney Channel. 😉 It looks like it’s still only available at Walmart. Might have to make a stop there. Has your son played it?