Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Gameplay & Review

  • otisney

    Wow! Fun! I’ve got to collect all the cards and become a Master Sorcerer. Thanks for the comprehensive review. Definitely the best review I’ve ever read!

  • Robert Taylor

    Excellent review!

  • Ltighe21

    what a great synopsis of the game.  We played on 2/19 and loved it!  The CMs at the Liberty Square location didn’t know as much as those at the Firehouse.  Also, when we asked several CMs to trade cards, some of them didn’t have cards (understandably) but said that we could pick up more at Firehouse or behind Christmas Shop.  Apparently that’s not the case, you only get 5 cards per park admission.   Once they launch they also need to manage the queues so that Sorcerers aren’t waiting 4-5 deep.  That takes the magic out of “finding” the next portal!   A great extension of the game is to allow you to view your progress online.

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  • Ed Gatzke

    We had fun and enjoyed collecting / trading cards.  However, the game play is quite limited, you just use a card and cast the spell.  Maybe at higher levels it gets more involved, but it sounds like it does not change much.

    The lines were pretty bad when we played on Sunday, like 3-5 deep.  Not ideal but ok.

    I would have suggested some way to work in other locations more like a scavenger hunt.  Maybe some tiny RFID sensors (go find the mushroom near the castle and use your key to unlock it) then a LED lights?  Or clues, find the flowers by the lake and use a spell with the same color at your next location.  Maybe too confusing, but more intereactive.

    I hope they also expand into the new area…

  • Sorcerer

    have a group on facebook for the Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom game
    that we would like to invite all of you to join. We hope to diversify
    our card collections and help other players out through trading. We are
    also holding weekly card giveaways. Many folks in the group actually
    play the game, and are local to Walt Disney World. Please come join and
    bring your Sorcerer friends!

  • Meelow2001

    I have 5 ultra rare cards. Eeyore #18 *, Belle #31 *, Eve #40 *, Mogwli #55 * and Mushu *25 *. These are original, not part of the current set, and all star cards.

  • Kaboom

    I went last week on 4/3 to 4/8 and there were 7 people to a line and all these nerds or over 45 aged men at asking you to trade.

    TIP: If only your children are playing use all your passes to get five cards per pass I am 13 and I got 15 a day

    TIP: Ask people about the game usually a lot of people know secrets like the woody secret reply to hear

    • Zanna

      Ok, what’s the Woody secret?? ;)

  • Diane Dakin

    great blog! I hope to see you around there. We are going back after work today. We just played our first time yesterday. I’m still fuzzy on game aspects, but it’s been fun so far!

  • Shocho

    Thanks so much for your research and commentary. We just got Master Sorcerer today, and I love your tips for the next level.

  • James Murati

    Thanks for all the great info. We began to play on Feb 9th of 2012; before the offical start date. Our cards are in sequential order (26-30). The only difference I can tell between the Key cards (I got a new one 9-21-2013) is the old one only has an “S” the new one has “MSK” on the handle.

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