In the course of my travels across the interwebs, I came across a photo of a birthday cake themed to the Disney Pixar movie UP. I had planned to share the photo here with all of you, and then friend and blogging maven (and Moms Panelist too) OhAmanda, shared the blog post that the cake actually came from. I was in awe. She suggested I do a whole post on Disney themed parties. I thought that was a fabulous idea, and she should know, since she created her very own Rapunzel birthday party for her adorable daughter. (Actually, you’ll find below she has a knack for pretty awesome parties!) Thanks to Amanda’s help, I have a bunch of pixie-dusted ideas to share with you here. I think it puts my X-box 360 Controller Cake to shame, but with a little faith and trust…well, you know the rest!

Let’s start off with OhAmanda and her Rapunzel’s Golden Hair Birthday Party. You have to check out all of the unique touches and parts of the party that linked back to the Tangled storyline. Just precious!

{Click photos to enlarge}

Tangled birthday party
Instead of lanterns, they released balloons with lights inside. HOW COOL!


Tangled Rapunzel cupcakes
Remember one of the Pub Thugs wanted to bake cupcakes??


Ok, next up – UP! This UP themed birthday party from Wendy Updegraff completely blew me away. Get it? Balloons? Blew away? Sorry…just look at these unbelievable photos. I think this made even Martha Stewart jealous!


UP birthday party

UP birthday cake

UP themed birthday party

UP birthday Ellie pin


Photographer Jessica Claire shared not one but TWO amazing Alice in Wonderland-themed birthday parties. I would live in these pictures if I could!! Be sure to head over to see the rest of Annabelle in Wonderland and Nicola’s UNbirthday.


Alice in Wonderland birthday party

Alice in Wonderland birthday party chairs

Alice in Wonderland birthday party cakes


Alice in Wonderland balloon arch

Alice in Wonderland birthday party decor

Mad Hatter party hat


While we’re looking at Alice in Wonderland themed ideas – check out OhAmanda‘s Ace Party (as in Ace of Spades!) for her little guy:

Alice Ace of Spades party

Alice Ace of Spades party food


Here’s another of OhAmanda‘s masterpieces – her Snow White birthday party – complete with Seven Dwarfs mine and Wicked Queen’s punch!

Snow White birthday party

Snow White Wicked Queen punch


Be sure to check out‘s Pirate themed birthday party and Muppet Puppet Party too! I need her to plan my next birthday I think.


If traditional Disney is your thing, I’ve got two Minnie Mouse themed birthday parties to share with you. One from At Second Street blog and the other from Two Parts Sugar as shared on Seems like Disney parties are on everyone’s mind this month! Check out these adorable ideas:

Minnie Mouse Party Invites

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Minnie Mouse party pinata


Minnie Mouse birthday party sweets

Minnie Mouse birthday cake

Minnie Mouse birthday party chocolate apples


Hey Howdy Hey, here’s another great party! Check out this Toy Story Jessie-themed party from Beth Kruse!

Toy Story Jessie party invitations

Toy Story birthday party

Toy Story Woody Jessie Bullseye Cake

I hope you enjoyed these party-inspiring photos and blogs! All photos are copyright their original owner and just shared here to spread the magic. For even more fun (and easy to create) birthday party ideas, check out If you have a Disney themed party that you went all out for, let me know!