Fantasyland Station
View approaching from Fantasyland Station

I was able to make it over to Storybook Circus yesterday and experience it firsthand, after sharing others’ photos of the opening day fun. If I may make a recommendation, I advise you to arrive in Storybook Circus via the WDW Railroad, which pulls up at the new Fantasyland Station, now named Carolwood Park. It is the best way to see the new area, where you immediately see new details and the attractions, rather than construction walls where the other parts of the new Fantasyland are busily being built. As you know, much of Disney’s magic is in the details, and this new area has no shortage of its own magical details.

I was ridiculously happy when I saw the new areas. The Carolwood Park station is just lovely. It fits right in to the 1940’s American snapshot that the traveling circus we see featured in the animated film Dumbo creates. The atmosphere is set right from the start, where the ground itself looks like a dirt road, well-traveled by trolley cars, horses, and circus animals alike – without actually being, you know, dirt.

One of my favorite parts of the Storybook Circus area is the actual train station. Around the back, you’ll find a brand new set of restrooms and the entrance area back onto the train. It is around the corner from the restrooms where we see stacks of luggage waiting to be boarded on the arriving and departing trains. Much in the vein of the amazingly themed Town Square Theatre, the details are here to discover for those who do more than just pass by on their way to attractions.

I’ve gathered some photos here of my favorite details. Be sure to look for them on your next visit, and maybe discover some more on your own! Click to enlarge.

Carolwood Park
Carolwood Park - Fair Weather Place


Carolwood Park Station
The gorgeous detail of Carolwood Park Station restrooms entrance


Carolwood Fire Dept
Carolwood Fire Dept. sign - love this detail.


Carolwood Park Station
Carolwood Park Station luggage closest to the restrooms. I wonder where that bird escaped to?


Carolwood Park Station
More luggage stacks with a barn-door look to this side of the station.


Carolwood Park Station
More Carolwood Park Station luggage stacks. And oats!


Carolwood Park
Close-up of luggage stacks.


Carolwood Park
Another close-up of luggage stacks.


Carolwood Park
More close-ups of luggage stacks. These circus-folk are well-traveled!


Azusa sticker
My favorite luggage sticker: Azusa Californa - Drink your OJ!


Chicago luggage sticker
Wonder who in Imagineering is from Chicago? 😉


You can see more luggage sticker close-ups here on flickr.


Storybook Circus
Bear tracks! And monkeys too! Behind these walls is where the new Casey Jr. Splash and Soak Station will be located. I wonder if that's where all these animals are headed to cool down?


Storybook Circus
Peanut shells and lion or tiger prints?


Storybook Circus
Heading toward Tomorrowland, animal tracks and brick road


Storybook Circus trashcan
Storybook Circus trashcan - can't wait to see the others in the new Fantasyland!


UPDATE! At the recent Orange Bird unveiling, my friends and I wandered over to the Storybook Circus area again, since one friend had not been yet. I was surprised to see these new props out on display and wanted to share them with you all!

Storybook Circus elephant tubs
Check out the new water tubs with some familiar elephant names...


Storybook Circus details
More new details - "Melody Time Brass Horns - Always in Toon" and "Property of Hyacinth Hippo - the most exquisite sensation of the big top"!


Hyacinth Hippo
Hyacinth Hippo trunk and"The Big Bad Wolf - Balloonologist Extraordinaire - He'll huff and he'll puff and create the animal of your choice!"


I could post a hundred more photos, but for now I’ve created a Storybook Circus set on flickr and you can see the rest of my photos there. Including lots more of Dumbo and the Barnstormer. Enjoy!