TRON LegacyI will admit that just a few months ago I’d never even seen the original TRON film. My husband had always loved it and I had bought him little collectible figures over the years, but never really knew what the fuss was. I finally watched the movie and while it is of course dated, I could definitely see the cult appeal and the amazing technology it used at the time. It is pretty cool and has stood the test of time in that regard. Now with 2010 advancements in film and special effects, TRON: Legacy promises to pick up where TRON left off, but in a bigger, better (stronger, faster?) way.

However, not to be lost in the world of computerized technology, TRON: Legacy is at its roots the story of a father and son, which is perhaps why this next clip appealed to me so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still stoked to be surrounded by cool glowing costumes and light cycles set to an original Daft Punk score, but without a story, there is nothing. Press play to watch this clip below and see if you agree:

Here is the most revealing trailer yet for TRON: Legacy, out December 17, 2010: