Instagram Lets You Create and Enjoy Insta-Disney!

  • RocketScienceMom

    My wish is for you and Spaklynicole to write up your experience with the apps you use to do the awesome edits on your instaphotos of disney. I’d love to explore the ones you’ve been using, so if you’ve got a top 5 list of apps, I am here to read all about it! :)

    • Zanna

      I just may put something together, I’ve been getting a lot of requests! :D

  • Josh Ewan Taylor

    Brilliant! Any chance we could get a list of the Photo Apps you use Miss Z? (Sorry if it’s already been asked) I’m quite interested in the Photo grid and Tilt-shift apps. Thanks! :)

  • V No Privacy

    oh my goodness please please share the app that lets you add sparkles to photos!!

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