Tangled Review and Soundtrack GIVEAWAY!

I mentioned previously that I was honored to attend the Walt Disney World Holiday Showcase as a representative of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel. Part of that weekend included a screening of Disney’s Tangled before its November 24th nationwide release. I know I’ve shared some funny clips that Disney passed along showcasing the film, but honestly, they do not begin to do justice to the actual film itself. I realize they are trying to get audiences super excited about what many people view as “just another animated film” but I truly feel that when families of all ages and sizes see the movie, word of mouth will be all that’s needed to make Tangled a success.

Tangled lantern sceneWe knew going in that Tangled was the classic tale of Rapunzel, but with a twist. What we didn’t know was the unique backstory that Tangled provides, which actually works. It’s sort of like Sleeping Beauty meets Cinderella meets Little Mermaid. Rapunzel’s parents have lost her, however unlike Sleeping Beauty, she is stolen by the evil “Mother” Gothel who kidnaps Rapunzel for her own selfish gains. Rapunzel is somewhat happily living in her impenetrable tower up until her 18th birthday, where her birthday wish is to see the “stars” or lanterns that float in the sky each year on her birthday. What she doesn’t realize is that the lanterns are set into the sky by her real parents as they continue the vigil to seek out their missing daughter, and the townspeople who also hope for the princess’ return.

When she asks her mother if she can go see the lights and then return, of course her mother forbids it, explaining that the world is full of evil selfiish people that will only try to harm Rapunzel. Confident that she can hold her own, Rapunzel begs her mother to reconsider and then sees for the first time the wrath hidden within Mother Gothel. She resigns herself to stay in her tower, until Flynn Rider stumbles upon the hidden valley while escaping the King’s guards. Rapunzel then sees an opportunity she cannot pass up.

Tangled MaximusIt is then that the real story begins as we follow along with Rapunzel’s first steps outside her tower and all the emotions, adventures, and of course, singing which that entails. The script is a perfect example of teenage angst as Rapunzel worries about disappointing her mother while venturing out into the world, yet loving every detail and blade of grass she encounters. I think adults, both as parents and former kids alike can relate to that scene very well.

Not to leave out the boys from Tangled’s viewing audience, Flynn Rider and his adventures in thieving, fighting with bad guys and reformed bad guys, and the entire character of Maximus the horse will keep them entertained. My 11 year-old son, who is at the age where he is blase about most things in general, not to mention Disney specifically, actually loved the film. It’s that kind of reaction that warms a mother’s heart and lets me know Tangled will be a big success.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story here because I think that’s part of what let me enjoy it so much, the twists and turns of the plot. The ending really surprised me and I thought it was a well-played twist full of lessons. The lantern scene shown above and the town square scene before it are my two favorite parts of the film, which really showcase Disney animation at its finest. I can’t wait to hear what your favorite parts of the movie were!

Speaking of that…To get you excited for the film’s release this week I’m giving away a copy of the soundtrack from award-winning composer Alan Menken along with some Tangled character silly bands for your little ones to wear. Just leave me a comment below telling me what YOU are most looking forward to seeing in Tangled and a winner will be randomly chosen after Thanksgiving! (This will give you something to look forward to after your Turkey-coma nap! 😉 ) Contest open to US Residents only. Good luck!

Tangled soundtrack silly bands giveaway

  • Leslie

    I’m looking forward to seeing all the fun stuff she does with her hair!! And hearing Mandy Moore voice the lead. I LOVE her!

  • I am definitely most excited about the music! That is why I’m so excited by this give-away. Plus my little sister’s obsessed w/ silly bandz! Thanks for doing this giveaway. 😀

  • Nancy

    We can’t wait to see the movie. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  • Cook Family

    I am looking forward to a new Disney princess for my three year old to fall in love with. This hero wears purple, her favorite color – this week!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing more about the lanterns, and what she does in the tower. Also I’m excited about how my little girl will react to the movie, she’s been over the moon just with the video previews.

    Thanks for doing this giveaway : )

    • CONGRATULATIONS! You won the giveaway! 😀 Please send your mailing address to zanna@zannaland.com Thanks!

    • Just reminding you that you’ve won the Tangled soundtrack giveaway. Please send me your address so I can get the prize pack out to you. If you’ve already sent it, I apologize, but I’ve checked my regular and spam folders and found nothing. Thanks!

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  • I can’t wait to take me niece to this movie. I’m a big Zac Levi fan so I’m most looking forward to meeting Flynn Rider!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing how Zachary Levi’s cuteness transforms from real-life to cartoon. I can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    It is all about the animal sidekicks for me! The chameleon and the horse make the movie for me! 🙂

  • Mydisneykid

    I AM MOST looking forward to this movie because it is likely going to be the last Disney fairytale before my 11 yo daughter totally outgrows the princesses. We just got home from Disneyland where she had the Tangled hair and face package. She is really looking forward to seeing the movie, too. Keep up the GREAT work, Suzannah!

    • Aw, that tugs at my heart, I totally understand what you mean as the mom of
      a 10 year-old girl!! 🙁 I just saw the Tangled package today – looks

      Thank you so much for the kind words!! 😀

    • You’re never too old for Disney movies! I’m almost twenty and the Disney princesses and heroines are still a big part of my life! :3

  • I cannot wait to see this film! I am so excited that we now have a Disney princess who uses her hair and a frying fan as weapons. I think she’s going to be my new favorite. Also, more importantly, this seems to be a story about family.

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to watching my kids during the movie. Of course, with all things Disney the music and story intrigue me the most.

  • It all sounds great, my favorite part though I think has to be the music! I am a huge fan of Disney movie music 🙂

  • I am most looking forward to seeing what all the characters are like… especially Pascal. We get bits of them in the trailers and have met Rapunzel and Flynn in the parks so have some idea but still… cant wait to see their personalities!

  • I am looking dforward to see how Rapunzel uses her hair-the previews I’ve seen take the “disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair” to new lengths (hardy har har)

  • Looking forward to hearing the songs and hoping they will be fun ones to listen to.

  • I saw an advanced screening and I can’t wait to see it again!! The music was phenomenal!! That’s what I’m looking most forward to seeing (again).

  • I can’t wait to see a new Disney female character with an attitude!

  • I’ll be honest, I’m just looking forward to another beautiful and untoppable animated feature from disney, that will unfortunately miss so much credit. I’ll still love it, though.

  • I’m looking forward to sharing another Disney movie with my son! Who, is of course, too young to know, but one day 🙂

  • Neallivingston

    We love anything even remotely princess-esque in our house. This is right up our alley!

  • Sadie

    We are looking forward to a new Disney movie with a horse.

  • I can’t wait to take my girls to see this on Friday! It’s all they’ve been talking about for weeks. DD3 keeps telling me that she’s growing her hair out so it can be as long as “Punzel’s” 🙂

  • Looking forward to Max the most… he reminds me a lot of the Carousel horses, and since he doesn’t talk he looks to be a very interesting character.

    • I LOVED Max! I’m sure you will too. He might remind you a little of Disney
      Doggie when you see the movie! 😉

  • Iwrecox

    This will be the second movie my daughter has ever seen and as a treat, my husband will take her. She’s so excited and has been reading the book Tangled every day. What a great surprise this package would be!

  • Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to seeing the interactions between Flynn and Rapunzel! And my DS11 wants to see this movie! Son and I are both Disney movie lovers!!!

  • I am looking forward to another disney princess movie where the princess does not need rescuing, rock on disney!

  • Anonymous

    I am looking forward to the “romantic” scenes and the music! Disney always has great music!!

    Thanks for the chance!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    residentmayor at satx.rr.com

  • Erin

    I <3 Disney Soundtracks!!!

  • Courtney F.

    I’m looking forward to a new Disney fairy tale! Their original stories can be hit-or-miss, but when Disney takes on a fairy tale, it is usually pretty good. 🙂

  • Abby

    I am most looking forward to seeing a new Disney princess!

  • amy

    I plan on seeing this movie with my girls and my mother in law. It will be the first my time my mother in law has been to the movies with her granddaughters.

  • PlazaAndMainSt

    I’m most looking forward to another step in the right animation direction from the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Hopefully if this film does well enough, Disney will continue to make films of this variety. Also, I’m looking forward to a good, fun story.

  • Sammie

    I love fairytales and I cant wait to see this new take on it. Plus she reminds me of me cause we both have really long hair. Happy Thanksgiving everyone =)

  • I actually saw it earlier today. The only thing I went in wanting was for Disney to redeem itself for its most recent movies. [I miss Walt, I really do.] I was incredibly impressed and cannot get over how wonderful and perfect it was! The songs were catchy and the movie left adults, teens, and children alike chuckling. I will be buying the DVD the day it hits stores. As long as they keep movies like this coming, Disney’ll have my support again! <3

  • It is Disney so of course I am looking forward to it all!