Gift Guide Day 4

Ok, so after 3 other days of Disney Gift ideas, I bet you’re thinking, “she couldn’t *possibly* have more great stuff to share!” Well, you’re right. No, I’m kidding. Never fear, there are still some fabulous ideas for the Disney lover in your family!

Disney DVD/Blu-rays

Friend and fellow Disney blogger Ryan Wilson of the Main Street Gazette brought you this wonderful review of The Crimson Wing and what better gift for a Disney and nature lover? Also check out DisneyNature’s other films Earth and Oceans. Right now at amazon you can save $10 when purchasing two selected DisneyNature titles. It will also prepare you for the upcoming African Cats, set to be released this coming April.


Disney Books

Thanks to twitter friend Becky aka CanyonGirl789 for this recommendation –In Service to the Mouse is the humorous memoir of Jack Lindquist and how he became Disneyland’s first president as well as his other adventures throughout his 38-year Disney career. If you order now through December 12, you’ll also receive a $1 Disney Dollar – why? Well Jack Lindquist was actually the creator of Disney Dollars! They’re also offering free shipping with guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

In Service to the Mouse

Another favorite of mine that I cannot pass up are of course the great works of Steven Barrett – The Hidden Mickey Guy. Check out all of his Hidden Mickey Guides. Steve and his wife are two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met and my family just loves searching for Hidden Mickey’s throughout the park. Steve was even recently featured on ABC news too! These make great stocking stuffers!


And lastly, Lou Mongello and his detailed audio guides and trivia book. Lou is perhaps the hardest working Disney fan I know and his work shows it. Along with celebrating his 200th WDWRadio show episode, he’s somehow found time to create these amazing guides to learn the ins and outs of our favorite “lands” at Walt Disney World. These would make a great gift for any Disney fan, young, old or in-between! Here are a few links below, or you can head over to for more guides!



Other Disney items

I just found this fun set and thought I’d pass it along to any snow globe collectors out there. I love anything that you can change with the seasons (hence my very LARGE Mickey Mouse Antenna Toppers collection) so this is just perfect!

Happy Holiday Mickey Mouse Snowglobe Set -- 10-Pc.

And if you’ve already picked up Epic Mickey or TRON: Evolution, how about one of these unbelievably cool accessories??


Stay tuned for Day 5 tomorrow – which will have some surprises for YOU! Check out the Disney Gift Guide Day 1, Disney Gift Guide Day 2 and Disney Gift Guide Day 3 too!