First Impressions of the Disney Studios-Why I Fell in Love

From the moment you walk into the Studios, you are greeted with tiny details giving a nod back to old Hollywood, or as their slogan goes, “The Hollywood that never was and always will be.”

Step Into the Studios Past With McDonald’s Dick Tracy Crimestoppers Game

If there is a single item related to Dick Tracy that I have continually sought after it is a collection of Crimestopper game pieces tied to the 1990 release. The two stage scratch-offs were from McDonald’s and included a multiple choice scene and a mug shot.

The Benefit Sale at Downtown Disney – Save & Give Back!

I love shopping!  And when my shopping can benefit the Orlando local community, why then my ADOS (Attention Deficit OOOOOHHHHHH SHINEY) makes me a model citizen. The Disney Community Relations team has been working with Downtown Disney, the Heart of Florida United Way and their local agencies to create an …